Thank you for taking a look at my homepage of Jiuta-Maimu.
This homepage is designed to introduce you to Jiuta-Maimu a combination of Jiuta-mai and mime. This is my lifework.

Jiuta-mai is a classical style of traditional Japanese dance often compared to dance from Noh Theater because of its slow, subtle, spiritual movements. Jiuta-mai originated in the Kyoto and Osaka areas during the Edo period as an intimate dance created mainly to be performed in small settings by women. As such, the dance was traditionally performed in the pleasure quarters by geisha before it was later introduced to the stage and performed by women and men. It differs from other Japanese dance in that it focuses on elegantly expressing the emotions of the joys and sorrows of women, rather than the actions of the character or story itself, through fluid minimized movements and the intricate use of the fan.